Our Core Strengths

At Tanish our philosophy is “passion at work” in totality.  For us it is our core value.       

Over the past three philosophies of “passion at work” in totality decades we have built growth and high-stature through consistent high-design and quality parameters that have truly made a significant difference to ease, comfort and efficiency to lives that interact with or inhabit these spaces. We have developed over 42 projects at strategic locations across the Pune skyline aggregating about 2 million sq. ft of spaces. With another 1.8 million sq. ft in the making, we have aggressive plans for upcoming projects in various parts of Alandi-Charholi and other regions.

Innovation in our offerings combined with an emphasis on contemporary architecture, strong project execution and quality construction have helped us transform into a brand to reckon with.

By benchmarking us with the best in India, we continuously keep ourselves abreast with changing national trends. In order to achieve the scalability required to undertake large developments, we outsource work to leading consultants in the areas of architecture, design, engineering and construction.

Our Core Strengths

Managing Projects and serving our clients are the best things we do and we love. With our core competencies forming the foundation of our Firm.

Quality Construction

With benchmarking ourselves with the best from the industry, We ensure the best quality with maximize efficiency

Completion On Time​

Our Standard Operating Processes ensure that the Projects are delivered On time.

Perfect Execution​

With Fine tuning of the operations at all levels we are the best when it comes to smooth and Perfect execution.

Affordable Prices​

We have always delivered keeping in mind the best of the products and services keeping the prices optimal.

Our Specialization

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Our Architecture Practices makes the optimal utilisation of the spaces to give a sense of balance.

Exterior Design​

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Landscape Design​

Aiming Preservation of nature, Our Landscapes designing utilizes fewer resources to support indigenous flora and fauna.

Site Planning

We meticulously plan the site location and optimal orientation of the project to deliver the best value to our Clients

Since 1990, Providing the Best Experiences in Industry​

We Care, We listen and We Deliver.